29 Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy If You Got Your Fashion Sense From Your Mama – All Fashion 24/7

Mother’s Day is, of course, a time for honoring our moms with presents they love, whether we’re shopping for them at their go-to stores or surprising them with something small and affordable, yet thoughtful. But it’s also a moment for us to reflect on all that the strong women in our lives have taught us, and we’d venture to say that if you’re reading this right now, mom’s lessons have extended to fashion.

This month, we want to be upfront and honest with you: we’re probably going to shop for ourselves while we’re shopping for mom too. But we’re looking at all that we’re buying through a mother’s lens, and letting that inspire exactly what we “add to cart.”

Whether we’re scoping out Kerry Washington‘s new Aurate New York jewelry collaboration and purchasing a necklace for mom with a matching piece for ourselves too, or picking up a graphic tee with a print that reminds us of the love we share, there’s a good reason behind every item on this list. Here are all the products we’ve got our eyes on this May that seem more like treasures than anything else, half because they’re incredibly stylish, and half because they warm our hearts.

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